Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Festivals: The Anniversary of the Italian Republic

The Anniversary of the Italian Republic is a national holiday in Italy. It is celebrated on the 2nd of June. In 1946 the country choses between monarchy and republic. The republic won! During this festival a military parade takes place along the Fori Imperiali in Rome. They usually put a wreath on the Unknown Soldier's tomb at the Vittoriano.

Francesco, II F

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Experiences: Volontary work

Hi Flavia,
this week I am doing volontary work twice a week with my friends.
I do it at my granny's church. I help people who have some problems.
I’m  working with Dentamaro Association because it's great.
We want to give a smile to poor people so we perform some sketches and some magic shows.
See you next semester.
Anna Laura, III F

Hey Luca!
How are you?
I am happy to be in this city because I'm doing volunteer work with a group of guys who love animals like me. Every day we take care of  puppies and kittens that we find in the street. We help these animals and give them some food. We are seeking for volunteers who want to take care of them. I'd like to give you one of the puppies.
Carlo, III B