Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Festival in Italy

Halloween is on 31st  October. In Italy some people celebrate this festival of American origin. We decorate our house with spiders, dark lights and small pumpkins. Some people put real pumpkins on the window or balcony with a candle inside. Children, are very happy because they have a big party. All the day they go “trick or treating?”in the neighborhood. They wear scary costumes of witch, ghost,  vampire, devil, pumpkin and bad elf.  If they don’t receive anything they throw eggs or flour on the houses’ windows. 

In some pubs and local shops they organize parties with Halloween decorations, and waiters sometimes wear scary costumes, too. In some small country they organize children’s parades. On 1st November, All Saints’ Day, people have trips with their family and on 2nd November they visit cemeteries because it is the day of the dead. 

Angelica G. e Federica S., II B

Friday, 21 October 2011

Welcome to our blog!

Hi! Welcome  to our school  blog!
I'm Lorenzo. I'm 13 and I attend third class, course B, at "De Amicis-Laterza" school,  situated in Bari, southern Italy.My school is the union of two schools: "De Amicis" primary school, for children from 6 to 10, and "Giovanni Laterza" lower secondary school, for kids from 11 to 14.The aim of this blog is to improve our skills in English language in a funny and interactive way! We are going to post videos, texts, presentations about what we learn in English at school!
The blog’s name FB 23 doesn't stand for Facebook! F and B are two courses of our school and  number 23 stands for the classes of year 2 and 3, that is, the classes and courses of the students involved in this project. The blog’s name has been chosen by some of us.  We'd like people to become our followers! Are you still there? What are you waiting for?! Visit our blog!!Quickly! Bye bye!